Kiku: Hey Sly what's this I hear about you and Ash Ketchum being lovers?




"Wait..You heard about that?" He said, confused.Sly thought he had destroyed that fanfiction.

He cringed when he heard his laptop being dropped and then crushed by Sly. That was the only laptop he had now it’s broken. Squiggles knew that there was no way he would be able to fix it. he groaned as he slowly got up from the ground. “Now you want to go to my house?” He questioned. “I …don’t know.. my house is..kinda far from here.. soo..”

"We really could care less how far it is. We want your butts gone." She said. She didn’t want to hear anymore bullcrap excuses from this kid. "So Lead the way you weird faced kid."

Sly nodded in accordance with his cousin. “After what you’ve done, we must destroy all the butts.” It was surreal, saying such humorous words with gravity but with such motivation in every single one. For once the young man was not simply ‘deadpanning’, his expression matching his stormy mood.

He gave the cretin,a stare. A stare that practically screamed at to move, diluted blue irises shoving him. “Walk. Run. Just go. “


Well, she could understand his point. Life could be rather boring if she didn’t have the time for a good daydream, unless she was doing what she loved. "I get what you mean." She nodded in emphasis. 


"And life may be strange, but fantasy is strange in a way cooler way." A light giggle escaped her lips. "As long as you don’t get yourself hurt, I don’t see anything wrong with continuing what you’re doing."


A smile cracked on his lips at her wording. There had  always seen a pull of fantasy that reality that he couldn’t put words too but awesome seemed to hit the spot. “I agree whole heartily with you whole heartily.” He said with an appreciative nod to her seemingly supportive words. Cocking his head to the side with a moment of pause. “It’s a shame, we’ve had this whole conservation and I don’t even know your name..What would it be?”

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My Moirai ❥ An AoT AU for Briana


As she soared through the air with her sword, she could hear Sly’s yell of encouragement. She did feel more motivated than she did before. In the corner of her eye she could see Sly soaring and getting ready to strike. She noticed their third partner was getting the titan’s attention. ‘oh hell no.’ Lazy didn’t want to see someone get eaten, she knew she wouldn’t be able to handle that. With her swords ready, and flying toward one of the titans at full speed, she cut the back of the Titan’s neck.

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[What you want me to say?]

Elphaba raised an eyebrow. “Magic and mind reading don’t always come in the same package. My talents lie elsewhere. Besides, why would I want to listen to everyone’s foolish thoughts? People say enough through words and actions that I doubt reading minds would reveal much.” Little things showed so much about people.

He had to raise an eyebrow at how practical the woman was. It a high contrast from of his nature but that was what made this conservation interesting to Sly. “True,true…Still, as overwhelming as reading the thoughts of many or even one, it would still save a lot of trouble to hear what people believe to be true.” Looking away, he added. “At the very least, perhaps it would make them more understandable.”

Finally hearing some of the pokemon words, he looked down surprised, if not finding himself stunned. “Huh..what you said now is great.”

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Guest 4 ❥ A GHS AU for Briana


She was confused by the chandelier’s words. “wait.. wha?” Lazy stood up, staring at the metal chandelier while she leaned on the wall. Those words did cause her to remember that time when wall Maria fell. Talking chandelier or not, she didn’t like what it said to her. Still holding onto her sword, she quickly walked over to the metal ceiling decoration and swung her sword at it, hard enough to make the chandelier swing a bit. “Broken chandelier..” she muttered, putting her sword away. “ s…hould fix that lightbulb it dropped..” she opened the door to her hotel room and walked in. “..I ‘m..m..more drunk.. than I thought.” She shut the door behind her and laid down to sleep on the floor, being too lazy to sleep on the bed. 

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Considering the fast pace speed he was going at and the fact that he literally could not see what was in front of him, it was only a matter of time before the young man would collide with someone on the streets. "Azelf!"



"For Oz’s sake, watch where you’re going!" The response was automatic.

Elphaba shrugged automatically before she remembered that he wouldn’t be able to see it. “It’s not as if there’s anything better for me to do.” Other than perhaps hunkering down somewhere with a book.

She could do that after she found someone to check his eyesight.

Red roof. Red roof. Red roof. Red roof.

It probably wouldn’t be sufficient, but at least there would be someone there to point them in the right direction.

"Follow me."

He wouldn’t be able to follow her without either holding onto something or listening to the sound of her voice. A hand was too intimate, her broom would awkward in several ways, and she didn’t feel chatty enough to talk constantly the whole way there. She pulled the leash she sometimes had to use on Lucas out of her bag and put one end in the other’s hand. “Hold this, and don’t let go.” The other end was swiftly connected to Lucas’s bow-tie collar. The Growlithe shifted unhappily, and Elphaba gave him a few quick scratches on the top of his head. “Don’t let him get lost, okay Lucas?”

[Okay Mommy.]

Though they hadn’t known each other for very long, he did remember Elepabob by her trademark utilitarian trait. However the small gleam of familiarity faded  at her first ‘follow me’, he took an unsure step forward; his uncertainty was due for a number of things; first of all not knowing what destination she had in mind. Sure, it was someone who could hopefully help but a many time, good intentions didn’t always end well. Then of course there was trusting an acquaintance such as Elephabob. It was almost funny, usually the young man was trusting to those even who remained nameless but without his sight, suddenly there was a lack of faith in the world, and the belief that fate would tie up its own strings seemed no longer a fact but just a mere hope. Then thirdly, was that he had no idea where to continue his next step.

Then he felt the sensation of smooth leather forced into his palm. Out of surprise he almost dropped it, his hands shaky. In an attempt to figure out what exactly what was in his hand, he traced the shape of the loop as the other hand held it. There was a metallic click and then her request that her animal did not allow him to be lost. His sightless eyes rolled to the upper corner, trying to piece together what was going on. A moment later got; A seeing eye dog. Or growlithe, if he remembered correct. One who could speak, as he was reminded of this as he heard another voice.

“Clever.” He complimented in her direction. “Thanks to you too,  Lucas.”


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