"Well, since you’ve asks ever so nicely, I suppose you could if you really want to…”


"Hmm…I don’t know if I could now if we’re going off that reasoning…I mean, I didn’t even say please."


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Though this may seem strange to others, you are currently asking trainers with more than a few Pokeballs on their belt questions about their choices. You have really no idea what to do for your own team, let alone even know what Pokemon are even good. This guy has a decent amount of Pokemon as you can observe, so you approach him, leaving Cronus to sit and wait for you because he was already tired of listening to you ask innumerable trainers the same exact question.

Excuse me, 6ut what kind 9f P9kem9n d9 y9u have 9n y9ur 6elt there?" you inquire, pointing at the belt. "I’m d9ing a survey, and I really d9 need t9 kn9w, s9 if y9u d9 n9t mind, I w9uld appreciate y9ur input.

He gave a slight start, being caught red handed lost in another world other than the one he had currently belonged too. Sly had really only heard the first question as they were the ones to pluck him out his daydreams but yet, he held back from asking the stranger to repeat. It would have been normal for him to make a request but from the question, he felt a little wary. There were few were interested what was in his belt other than to battle and that was one activity he didn’t care for.

Still, it was only a question, and it was silly to get defensive over. “Well, it’s kind of all over the place. Got some fire types, ghost types here and there.” He gave a shrug. “From there its kind of all over the place.”

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Where does his philosophical nature come from? Was there any influence from his family, or does he just think of all of that on his own?

The Muns’ Studio - ask me questions about the way I play my muse, why I’ve made certain decisions in their story and anything you’d like to know about what I think of them

((Ohhh boy a hard question but that always means its a good one!

I would say it comes from all of the difficulties he had to go through as it is his coping mechanism. Like how some people blow off steam or relieve anxiety through exercise, art, drugs or whatever. While philosophizing or rather analyzing is able to give him distance on said anxiety/stress and of course makes it easier for him to detach from any emotions that come with said problem.  As well it helps with executing the ‘solution’ as the emotional aspect is dampened. However, a lot of the time the answers he comes up a lot of time is that the problem will solve itself so…A lot of the time he does nothing about it when it comes to his own problems. Like his current lack of job

Hmm, to pin point where this behavior had begun to fester was the departure of his sister as she was kind of the guide of his life. -At least the one he was conscious of.- Since then he’s just slowly been doing it more and more as he’s doing less of his other outlets due feeling fatigue/ faint thanks to a certain Litwick))

(My inbox didn’t alert me about this, so its a week old but still, just a reminder to all that a good quarter of his philosophizing involves questions like this)

The Muns’ Studio - ask me questions about the way I play my muse, why I’ve made certain decisions in their story and anything you’d like to know about what I think of them.