"Er… yes?" Honestly you can’t even remember why you were trying to go there in the first place, or if that was even where you were trying to go. You were having trouble remembering the names of these avenues. The lottery sounds reasonable enough, though. "I think that’s it, yeah. I wvanted to check it out. D’you knowv howv much the lotto’s going for nowv?"

The others question distracted him from his own confusion at the stranger’s appearance and the fact the he’d seem not to know why he was going there. Sly sifted through his mind for the answer. When was the last time he had been around in that part of town anyways? Couldn’t have been that long ago. The city was large, yes but due to its circular shape, it was easy enough get around to the outer rings. “Hmmm…” Obviously it was not high enough for him to bet on but then again he rarely was led to believe that he was in possession of good luck. “Eh, I guess perhaps in the upper hundreds?”

He gave a shrug. “Anyways, I could walk you there. Be easier than dealing with a bunch of rights and lefts.”  After all, though he was shocked by the other he’d like to know more of him.

Rising Tides - Silent Hill AU


"Of course I am." The claim let her lips quickly after the question had been posed, though her appearance seemed to dictate otherwise. She looked as if she had just rolled out of bed, which was accurate but she did still look as if she were asleep.

Her long green hair was for one out of it’s habitual ponytail and hung loosely around her shoulders and down her back in a rather messy manner which would require a nice brush before it started looking like it normally did. The woman’s eyes also seemed to betray her still present drowsiness as the refused to remain fully open, continually blinking as she looked at the dark haired man.

Despite her groggy appearance, Estella was perfectly set on saying that she was more awake than she actually was. Raising a hand to rub her eyes in an attempt to wake herself up, she swung her legs of the bed and rose to her feet. Getting moving always helped her wake up anyways. That and coffee. Coffee would be good.

"We should get ready so we can get moving," Estella commented as she stretched once more, this time raising her arms above her head and stretching out her back. Satisfied, she looked back at Sly. She wasn’t sure how he felt about moving on, but Estella had always been the sort to not waste time in getting thing done and even partially asleep she was quite ready to do just that.

"Right.." The edges of his mouth curled slightly upwards with attitude at her confirmation of being awake, his one worded answer full of questioning sarcasm. He almost felt bad about starting to tease her this early in the morning when she was obviously still a bit drowsy. The feeling faded thought as he watched her stretched; It was rare that he had an edge over the woman.

At her gaze he looked to side and nodded before actually comprehending her words. They caught up soon enough. Usually he was the type to lurk and loiter in the morning before completely leaving a place but again, he wasn’t really the type to argue. At least not in this case. He had seen that there was all to see in this town when they stopped the day before. It was a nice enough place, if one were to really be attached to concept of simplicity. It seemed so small that he had felt cramped but maybe that was due to he being simply spoiled by Lumoise City, his own port city or the open fields of routes they had been traveling to get this far.

The young man got up to the fanfare of his knees and leg joints crackling. Not really realizing this he continued to the door where his cargo coat had been hung on the brass knob. “Yeah, probably should get going. How about I go get us or rather, you something to stir you?” Without awaiting her answer he begun putting the heavy coat over his pajamas. He didn’t actually know what she preferred to drink in the morning, if there was any preference at all in the first place.

After all the errand to go get coffee or tea was an easy enough segway for the woman to have some privacy to get dressed and whatever morning rituals she had. His hand hovered over the door knob, only waiting for her word of agreement.

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Well, it made sense that he’d recognize the name.  It was a pretty popular destination.  Not only did it have really unique buildings, but it had a Gym as well.  A lot of people thought they’d be able to find it because it was so unique, but… It really was hard to find.


"I ‘ônetement do not know.  I’ve never really gotten ze chance to ask.  Maybe it ‘as somesing to do wis ze fact zat ze Gym zere is for Flying-type specialists.  Ze river really isn’t all zat close.  But ze tree ‘ouses are cool," Tamera replied, thinking that, since she was a native, the question was aimed at her.

"I see…" As she made her comment about the river, his eyes naturally flickered over to the direction of the river. It was interesting was some people’s close was anothers far. Still he trusted her, as it seemed she the place well enough to go offering help to strangers. As well his definition of far was a bit skewed as he had done a lot of traveling.

She brought up a good point as to the town’s building choices being because the gym. Not that he had knew gym there was flying It wasn’t too surprising considering the historical and political importance a gym had over its area. “Indeed. Its a bit of a shame that they aren’t more common in more regions but hopefully it’ll catch on…”


Between the good and bad is where you’ll find me,
Reaching for
I will fight, and Ill sleep when I die,
I’ll live my life,
I’m Alive!

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Estella simply shrugged at his reply. It didn’t really phase her since she had not intended to insult him by her use of language, she simply stated how she felt the situation could very well turned out if she hadn’t intervened. But she continued to play along, seeing as responding to his claim could do no damage.

"O suppose it depends on the person. I for one never drink so I would not know how it would be for me," She stated the fact simply. Giving the statement it’s time to finish, she then added, "Now, are you quite done or are we going to play twenty questions next?" The sarcasm was evident and excessive in her tone. "Should I take a seat?"

No surprise when she switched subjects the drunk got confused, the alcohol slowing his quick wit to a crawl. When confused, Sly was always taught to pick apart at the sentence for words he did know to  try to derive at least some meaning. Well, he knew that the woman had asked to sit but with her snippet  of 20 questions, he wasn’t quite sure if she was being sarcastic. “Welll…” he said with a slight sway of his head. “I don’t know. It is your couch after all.”

"Then again its kind of, sorta of late. I don’t know, do you usually stay up this late?" He asked, squinting curiously at her. The confused reasoning in his mind found it reasonable that she was being ‘grumpy’ out of fatigue. Not because of his current state, which was absolutely charming to him.A bit confused and paranoid but charming all the same.

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        some legends are told                                        and just one mistake is
     some turn to dust or to gold                                          all it will take
      but you will яємємвєя мє                                        we’ll go down in нιѕтory
           яємємвєя мє                                                      яємємвєя мє
         for CENTURIES                                               for CENTURIES

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Guest 4 ❥ A GHS AU for Briana

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